17th September 2016

Trip to London


On September 17, 2016, three members of our team (Richard, Peter and Seán) travelled to London to visit Lola Cars and Forward Composites. We gained valuable information about the industry which F1 in Schools tirelessly promotes and into the future careers we may pursue.

On the day we met with Chris Saunders, a leading English engineer. We were first shown a presentation of the operations in the Forward Composites factory and the intricacy of the carbon fibre products they were making. Following this was a tour of the entire facility, where we had a glimpse at the process that these carbon fibre products have to go through before becoming the high quality products that reach the consumer. Examples of the carbon fibre products which we saw were the lightweight body of a hyper car and the body of a drone.

Already awestruck from our Forward Composites tour, we then made the short trek to Lola Cars. In a fascinating visit spearheaded by engineer Dan Cox, our team got to see how the wind tunnel was operated and we were brought above the tunnel to observe its workings. A La Mans car was then tested in the tunnel and we were given a lesson in results analysis. We also received various tricks and tips on Solidworks. The visit was a great learning experience for our team and we gained great insights into the industry.

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