3rd February 2017

Qualified for Nationals


On Friday, February 3, F1 in Schools Ireland announced the teams fortunate enough to advance to the national competition which will be held in Newry, Co. Down on March 21. Amongst these teams was Unity Racing of St. Muredach’s College, Ballina.


Unity racing consists of four transition year students (Richard Grimes, Cormac MacDermott, Peter Timlin and Sean Treacy) who all share the one dream, being the F1 in Schools World Champions 2017.


Formula One in Schools is the largest worldwide competition which promotes all four S.T.E.M subjects. F1 in Schools has a stated mission to help change the perceptions of these subjects - (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) by creating a fun and exciting learning environment. The competition is available to over 20 million students from over 40 different countries. 


The competition sees each team design, manufacture and race a 1:20 scale model F1 car, powered by a compressed CO2 canister. In addition, similar to an actual Formula 1 team, the competition requires each team to create a unique team brand, and market that brand effectively by using social media and other methods. Likewise, this develops the participants’ effective communication skills, inter-personal skills and how to operate efficiently as a team to ensure they advance as far as possible in the competition.



Whilst engineering and physics are a huge part of this competition, marketing and financing are just as important in seeing teams advance as far as possible in the competition. Unity Racing have various marketing events planned  for the coming months, one of these being a world record attempt to attract major media attention. 


As a team, Unity Racing rely strongly on the help of various sponsors in order to purchase materials and avail of necessary resources to achieve their full potential. Help regarding knowledge, materials, resources and finance are crucial in enabling them advance as far as possible.


Businesses who agree to help Unity Racing are ensured everything possible will be done to promote their brand in the best way possible, such as, utilising their huge social media following, include logos on their pit display at the competition, information on our website about your business and a link to its website, along with logos on their uniforms and documents. 

Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors